Serve 2 Vote

Purpose Movement team members are the backbone of our organization. With that, we want you to be able to chose where we allocate the funds that you raise. After all, you're the ones investing your time, sweat and tears on the streets. Every odd month of the year, we're going to be fundraising, and every even month of the year, we're going to be loving on others. Please submit your idea below. Get creative! The P_M Board Of Directors will review the ideas, and vote on which we feel will have the greatest impact. From there, all of us will be able to get involved in the chosen blessing. It's going to be incredible. Thank You for being a part of the movement.

* Only votes of team members that served during the current fundraising event, will be weighed for our current blessing event
* Team Members are unable to vote for themselves personally
* Only 1 vote per team member is aloud